senior portraits/ads

*deadline is past due for 2022 yearbook senior portraits

senior recognition ads are always a big hit!

every year seniors race to the end of their yearbooks to see if their friends and family have purchased a “senior ad” for them. it’s a truly special way to honor your student’s achievement. 2022 will be an even more important year to make this accomplishment feel special! senior ads are purchased and designed through the jostens website directly. do not pay for a yearbook on this site. only purchase your senior ad. all senior ads are due by january 31.

senior ad pricing

Page SizePrice
Full Page$475
1/2 Page$325
1/4 Page$225
1/8 Page$175

*All ads must be submitted by Jan 31. No ads will be accepted after this deadline.

*Aerie Yearbook Staff may make slight design changes in order to keep the ads consistent with the rest of the yearbook (fonts, colors, organization). We will not make any changes to photos or messages.

senior ad examples

full page ad: $475
1/2 page ad (bottom): $325 each, 1/4 page ads (top R and top L): $225 each

1/8 page ad example not available, but it would be 1/2 the size of a 1/4 page ad above

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